Historia a Debate




History Under Debate
International Reflection on the Discipline

Edited by Carlos Barros
Professor, Department of History, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Lawrence J. McCrank, PhD
Dean, Library and Instructional Services, Chicago State University, Illinois


"IMPORTANT. . . . Deserves to be read by historians and others concerned with contemporary currents of thought. All major currents of thought are examined. The authors are keenly aware of the challenges created by globalization and seek a middle road between the objectivism of traditional positivism and the extreme relativism of postmodernist advocates. "

Georg G. Iggers, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
Department of History, University at Buffalo (State University of New York)

"STIMULATING AND HIGHLY PROVOCATIVE. . . . This book stands as an important contribution to the debate on history in the new millennium and should be read closely by any researcher working within historical studies. Its value will no doubt become increasingly evident as the debate unfolds in the coming years."

David E. Thornton, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Bilkent
University, Turkey

"VALUABLE AND REVEALING. . . . Should be read by every scholar concerned about how global historiographical debates shape and interact with national scholarly traditions in history."

Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Western Michigan University


Get an inside look at how historians are revitalizing their profession in the moder age. This book recaps the Second International Historia a Debate conference, held on July 17, 1999 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. History Under Debate:

International Reflection on the Discipline is a crucial examination of international comparative, critical perspectives on history, historians, and their audiences. In this text, historians from around the world explore new rends, movements, and conceptualizations in history as a discipline and a profession. This guide provides innovative approaches to historians as they redefine their discipline in relation to the global society of the new millennium.

The timing of this book is critical. History has been devalued, causing a lack of career prospects for historians, a decrease in vocations to the history profession, and historical discontinuity between generations. In History Under Debate, you will see how the writing of history in the twenty-first century is revitalized by international comparative historiography, thanks to new technologies and the multinational integration processes in economy, politics, culture, and academics.

The first section of History Under Debate is about the Historia a Debate (HaD) Forum and Movement, discussing the need for change to restore history as a vital subject in modern times. The rest of the book consists of reflective and comparative views on the study of history and historiography as well as history in and about Spain. This essential work includes discussion on such important topics as:

• "Linguistic Turn," Postmodernism, and Deconstruction

• gender studies and social history

• objectivity and subjectivity in historical interpretation

• multiple views of history from differing times and places

• history as criticism, literature, and reconstruction

The book explores new ways for moving the discipline beyond sources and source criticism to a different concept of the historical profession as a science with a human subject that discovers the past as people construct it. Included in this book is the English translation of the HaD Manifestoa proposal designed to unify historians of the twenty first century and ensure a new dawn for history, its writings, and its teachings. With this resource, historians, social scientists, humanists, and librarians will learn how to  se cross-border development and new global historiographic networks to bring hope for a future in history.

Publication Date: September 1, 2004.

Available: Available Summer 2004.
$24.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-2688-0.
$39.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-2687-2.
Pages: Approx. 322 pp. with Index.
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Categories: History; Political Science;
Library & Information Science: Histiology
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